Razor - Ripstik Ripster Air Pro 23L


The Ripster Air’s 360-degree inclined casters and a pivoting deck provide a unique carving motion for the feel of surfing and snowboarding, but on dry land!  Its innovative twisting action turns and moves you forward without having to touch the ground. The Ripster Air caster board is a compact version of the RipStik Air, with a shorter wheel base ideal for riders who have a narrower stance or for those who want to do more tricks with this lightweight design.


  • High-tech polymer construction
  • Inclined 360-degree caster trucks and pivoting deck
  • Slip-resistant concave deck platforms
  • One-piece lightweight design
  • Patented RipStik one-piece torsion technology
  • High-grade 76mm urethane wheels
  • Supports riders up to 79 kg
  • Age: 8+
  • No assembly required
  • Product Weight: 2 kg
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