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  • SPRINGLESS TECHNOLOGY - Springless design is the principle of fishing rod, this design of trampoline can slow down the impact damage caused to the knees when people jumping movement. Free Jump design custom rods than the traditional elastic material is not easy to break, longer service life.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE - Free Jump designs Adjustable T-Shaped Handrails in three heights to meet the need for more usage heights. Adjustable T-Shaped Handrails is a safety design with swaying to maintain movement while moving.
  • TOWER-SHAPED SAFETY DESIGN - The overall shape of Free Jump Fitness Trampoline is designed as a tower structure, that is, the upper small and lower large, such a shape will make the trampoline more stable and less likely to fall when jumping.
  • QUICK&EASY ASSEMBLY - Free Jump Springless Trampoline develop a customized handle to help the installation process easier. We will provide paper instructions, installation videos and customer service to assist you with the installation.
  • STACKING STORAGE - Free Jump 31Inch Trampolines are designed in a tower shape so that the trampolines can be stacked to meet the needs of the gym, thus saving stacking space.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Workout Trampoline Max Load 300lbs

“The Gentle Up and Down motion on a Mini Trampoline / Rebounder
without even leaving your feet is called Rebounding Exercise.”
According to a “NASA” study 10 minutes Rebounding = 30 minute
running so that Rebounding exercise is 50% more efficient than
Why Rebounding exercise..?
There is no skills required, no need to jump and the user can even be
unfit elderly ill or handicapped, Special needed people or any age
range there is no exercise easier than this exercise.
Rebounding is known as “health bounce or Miracle Exercise “because
it’s a low impact cardiovascular exercise with large number of health
benefits in a short time period, comparing to other cardiovascular
exercises and it can exercise 38 trillion cells in your body.
The most proven benefits are below:

• Increase balance and coordination
• Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
• Increase red blood cell production
• Aid in lymphatic circulation
• Strengthen heart
• Lower resting heart rate
• Strengthen muscles
• Reduce cholesterol levels
• Reduce triglyceride levels
• Stimulate metabolism
• Improve vision
• Promote growth and repair
Increase breathing capacity
• Increased oxygenation of tissues
• Tone the glandular system
• Increase thyroid output
• Expand capacity for fuel storage
• Increase muscle vigor
• Tone muscle fibers
• Reduce headaches
• Relieve back pain
• Reduce aches & pains from inactivity
• Improve digestion and elimination
• Allow for deeper, easier sleep
• Stimulate mental performance
• Stimulate learning process
• Lessen PMS symptoms
• Improve immune system
• Slow the aging process
• Reduce chances of obesity

To do rebounding exercise we need a strong, safer, premium quality
We replace all traditional models of rebounders by considering
safety, and we launched our new springless fitness rebounder with
premium quality and high standard design with USA, UK standard
certification, coming with 3 years warranty.

Product Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 31 cm
Package Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 31 cm
Weight: 14.3KG
Shipping Weight: 15.3KG
  • Users should consult with a physician before beginning any exercise or conditioning pro gram.
  • If user feels faint or dizzy, immediately stop using the rebounder trampoline.
  • Use only in a well lit area by responsible, mature, non-intoxicated persons.
  • Avoid bouncing when tired. Take breaks often. Never use trampoline on an un-level surface.
  • Only use when dry. Keep away from objects which could interfere with safe use.
  • Clear obstructions underneath, above, or around the rebounder trampoline.
  • Check for adequate vertical clearance (avoid low ceilings, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.) and lateral clearance (avoid furniture, lamps, walls, other trampolines, etc.).
  • Inspect before each use.
  • Replace or adjust any loose, worn, defective, or missing parts.
  • Do not jump on and off the trampoline.
  • Do not use the trampoline as a springboard to or from other objects.
  • Do not step on the frame when getting on and off the trampoline.
  • Stop bounce by flexing knees as feet come in contact with the trampoline bed.
  • Learn this skill before attempting other more advanced moves.
  • Control is more important than bounce height.
  • For information concerning skill training, contact a qualified fitness trampoline instructor.
  • Store and protect trampoline from unauthorized use.

Recommended Age: Suitable for 15 to All Age 
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