Zhi Le Xing - Sensing UAV - Glove Remote Control Four Axis



Glove Remote Control: Control the drone's movements with hand gestures using the included glove.

Advanced Sensors: The glove is equipped with advanced sensors that detect and interpret your hand movements accurately.

Intuitive Control: Fly the drone forward, backward, up, down, and perform impressive aerial maneuvers with simple hand gestures.

Four Axis Design: The drone features a stable and agile four-axis design for smooth and controlled flights.

Easy Operation: The glove remote control eliminates the need for complex joystick controls, making it easy for beginners and experienced pilots alike.

Durable Construction: The drone is built with durable materials to withstand crashes and impacts during flights.

LED Lights: LED lights on the drone enhance visibility and add a stylish touch to night flights.

Rechargeable Battery: The drone comes with a rechargeable battery for extended flight time and convenience.

Versatile Flight Modes: Switch between different flight modes, such as hover, altitude hold, and headless mode, for varied flying experiences.

Exciting Aerial Adventures: Whether you're an aspiring drone pilot or a seasoned enthusiast, the Sensing UAV provides an immersive and exciting flight experience..


Experience the future of remote-controlled flight with the Sensing UAV - Glove Remote Control Four Axis. This innovative drone is controlled by a glove equipped with advanced sensors, allowing you to intuitively control its movements with hand gestures. Suitable for ages 14 and above, this drone brings a new level of excitement and control to aerial adventures.
Product Dimensions: 52x10x34 cm
Package Dimensions: 52x10x34 cm

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BrandZhi Le Xing
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