Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table




  • Send swimmers for a deep sea dive off the diving board or send them for a ride on the swinging slide
  • Scoop water into the top tier and create a tidal wave of fun!
  • Use the sea creatures to visit the mermaid lagoon or swim with the dolphins
  • Holds 2.22 gallons (8.40 L) of water in the upper activity pool and 3.24 gallons (12.26 L) of water in the lower water table
  • Umbrella included with the water table so kids can stay cool and have shade from the hot sun



The Step2  Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table is a great gift for your toddlers. It allows your little adventurers to create cascading waterfall and send swimmers for a ride on the swinging slide or for a deep sea dive. Your little ones can scoop water into the top tier to create a tidal wave fun. The included artificial sea add up to the exciting fun offers by this water table. Your toddlers can use the sea creatures and other toys to visit the mermaid lagoon. This water table holds up to 8.40L of water in the upper activity pool and up to 12.26L of water in the lower water table. All the more, the included umbrella provide shade to your little ones so that they can stay cool in the hot sun. Key Features Splash Seaway Water Table 12.26 L Water Capacity With an Umbrella Endless Fun This Step2 Seaway water table is the perfect outdoor toy for toddlers. It gives your little ones hours of fun, as they spill and splash the water while controlling the artificial sea creatures and humans. This toy also helps in enhancing the fine motor skills of your little one. Furthermore, this table features a side springboard that lets your kids launch their favorite water figures back into the water. User-Friendly Design This Step2 water table has a centrally located water spinner that lets your little ones create their own whirlpool. The included squirting water figures add up to the water play fun of your kids. This table includes an umbrella that provides shade to your kids.

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