Janod - Essentiel Shape Sorter Box with Keys

  • EARLY YEARS WOODEN TOY: This wooden toy will allow toddlers to discover the colours, shapes and mechanism of locks and keys! It is an ingenious 2-in-1 toy: children start with the shape sorter using logic to assess the shape and colour of the blocks, and then they will open the little chests using the keys.
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS AND DEXTERITY LEARNING: Handling the keys and opening the locks require significant dexterity that children will learn by using these large keys designed for their little hands. Turning them will be super easy for them! Once they have collected all the pieces, they can put them back in the correct safe using the embedding game.
  • KEYS AND RIDDLE: Thanks to their sense of logic, baby will quickly understand how to open these boxes! Each box has a colour and an associated shape in order to discover the secrets contained in each chest! The child can unlock the riddle in two ways: either by matching the colours or matching the shapes. Once the treasures have been found, baby will also have to understand how to put these pieces back in the correct chest, because it is indicated how many pieces of each colour and each shape must go in the associated chest!
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Key box in plywood, with 3 boxes in 3 different colours. 6 cherry wood blocks are included in 3 different colours as well as 3 plastic keys. The keys can be stored and attached directly to the key box with the bunch to avoid losing them. Toy dimensions : Length 10.2 inches x Width 3.5 inches x Height 5 inches. Water-based painted toy.
  • ESSENTIAL COLLECTION: Janod's Essential collection is characterised by its clean lines, its easily recognisable colours, and its natural wood. This is a perfect blend of the elements for discovering fundamental learning. Janod toys are developed in the Jura region of France, paying special attention to the materials used, style and colours. Original, bold, educational and thoughtful toys and games to accompany your children in their development and cognitive, psychomotor and socio-emotional development.

What is this key box hiding? With its mysterious chests, baby will be very intrigued! Ideal for teaching them about locks and their operation, the key box also works on logic, as well as learning and recognition of colours and shapes! Each chest in 3 different colours provides access, once opened, to pieces with shapes and colours linked to their chest! Baby will then be able to drop them back into the trunk using a fitting game.

The work and exercise in dexterity and fine motor skills are important in baby's development and this toy lends itself perfectly to that. The practical magnetic keychain hangs on the handle to avoid losing the keys.

This key box contains 6 blocks (1 yellow triangle, 2 blue circles, 3 red squares) and 3 plastic keys, all painted with water-based paint.

Contains 6 blocks, 3 keys. Toy dimensions : Length 10.2 inches x Width 3.5 inches x Height 5 inches. Material(s) used : Wood (plywood for the shape box + cherry wood for the cubes), Plastic (keys and locks).

Package Dimensions: 31.0 x 33.0 x 18.0 cm
Weight: 0.8KG
Shipping Weight: 0.8KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 18 to 36 months
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Janod
Colour Multi Colour
Age 18 Months
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