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  • Chicco's Montessori-inspired educational toys teach:
  • The freedom to explore and express yourself
  • The education of the child to order
  • The skills of self-correction
  • The importance of experience
  • The education of the child for independence
  • Discover animals and continents from around the world.
  • As he travels around the world, Cody tells an interesting and scientific fact about the animals and the continents where he stops.
  • There are over 70 lessons to learn by playing, and tons of animals to learn about and visit on every continent.
Discover the world and the animals taking off with Captain Cody! Take off with Captain Cody and explore the world. The Adventures of Cody is the first coding toy dedicated to children from 2 years and that accompanies them in their growth up to 6 years. Thanks to The Adventures of Cody the little one will have an important ally to develop logical and spatial thinking and will be introduced to the basic principles of computer programming, a fundamental skill for his future.

The plane recognizes where it lands, Chicco's Adventures of Cody is therefore able to give immediate feedback or suggestions on how to complete each mission. Evolutionary Toy: the child can in fact begin with the free exploration of the world from the age of 2 to get to learn the basics of coding from the age of 5. Each game, a new lesson: 70 interesting facts about the life of animals, their babies and the continents. 31 mission cards for more than 60 adventures : choose a card, then scan it and start a new mission that will take you around the world.

Inside the box: 1 soft play mat (110 x 80 cm), 1 talking and electronic plane, 31 mission cards, 15 directional cards to plan the route before execution. Innovative Color Recognition Technology: The Adventures of Cody Chicco features a brand new technology that allows the aircraft to recognize 31 different mission cards and 20 animals and continents through color recognition software and hardware. Exploration methods (from 2 years): Travel freely around the world, then when you see a beautiful destination, land on it and find out which living beings populate those continents.

The Exploration Mode helps children to familiarize themselves with the space of the carpet, the way to scan the tiles, their colours, the typical sound of each animal and the traditional musical genre of each place. When you have completed the visit you will get some hilarious awards! Mode scan the card (from 3 to 6 years old): Once you have explored the whole world and encountered each animal, you can start playing with Mission Cards. Choose the deck with 31 Mission cards, shuffle and choose one.

The cards have 4 difficulty levels, indicated by the number of Stars on the back. Invert the card and pass the plane over it ... magically, the plane recognizes the card and begins a new adventure! Discovery missions (from 3 years old): Listen to the sound of an animal or the typical music of a continent and take off for your destination. The toy gives advice if the answer is incorrect and helps the child to reach the correct destination through a step-by-step guide.

With this mode the child will improve his memory and his listening/logical skills by matching the illustration of the animal with the corresponding verse. Investigative missions (from 4 years): Use a magnifying glass on the plane, follow the clues and guess where the animals live. Cody asks several questions and asks the children to identify a specific animal, the place where it lives and also some common characteristics among animals.

Some examples: find 3 animals with tails, find the blue continent, etc. In this type of mission the child will develop the ability to recognize colours and the logical combination between animals and the places where they live. Travel missions (from 5 years) Learn the sequence and cause-and-effect relationships by visiting animals and continents in the right order. Look at the card and hear what Cody asks, then land on the 3 spots represented on the card in the correct order.

The child here can learn to abide by the rules and carefully follow the instructions of the toy to visit the animals and places in the required sequence. Navigation missions (from 6 years): Now is the time to do pure coding! An animal is hiding: plan the route thanks to the directional tiles and at the end identify where it is. The missing animal was seen for the last time while visiting another: position yourself there, then follow the arrows and plan your route with the Directional Tiles, at the end you can identify and find it.

Plan the route and develop different Coding and Logic skills in a fun way, such as the ability to count (the spaces that separate the 2 animals), left and right (move the plane with your hand and learn directions) and even thinking space while moving on the world map. A complete set to go on an adventure! Chico's Adventures of Cody presents a complete set of toys and materials to start many adventures! Discover animals from all over the world, embark on fun challenges with Mission Cards, interact with the plane and find the correct path through the coding tiles.

Cody, the talking and interactive plane. Meet Cody, the electronic, talking and interactive airplane. He loves traveling around the world, meeting animals and discovering new places where people live. He likes to give tips, information and facts to help children discover many new things. Large soft carpet. An entire world map at your disposal! The Adventures of Cody features a maxi rug, 1.10 meters long and 80 centimetres high, made of soft material, perfect for playing on the ground with Captain Cody.

31 mission cards for 60 missions. Choose a card and play one of the 60 missions. There are 4 mission types and each stimulates and develops specific skills. Cody can recognize each card through the color sensor and give feedback saying if the answer is correct or not. 15 code cards. Use these directional tiles to plan your route before moving the plane and check if your answer is correct or not. You can plan your route directly on the mat, box by box, or alongside it on a single line.

Inspired by the Montessori Method. The Montessori method is based 'on some principles considered fundamental for the correct development of the child and aims to teach the child to learn independently, through multisensory stimulation and self-correcting activities. Introduce Children to IT Programming! Coding is an English term that corresponds to computer programming in Italian, and means solving a problem by reducing it to its essential components and providing a series of instructions.

Kindergartens and primary schools around the world are now replacing computer science classes with off-screen coding and robotics, which enhance learning for every activity. Learn the sequences and the cause-and-effect condition through coding. The Adventures of Cody di Chicco - My first line of coding training computational thinking and problem solving. With this toy children learn to face challenges and solve them, understanding the problem and finding the best and creative way to arrive at a solution.

Through coding the child can not only learn the basics of programming, but also problem solving, critical thinking and logical skills, in a fun and creative way.
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