BABY born Surprise Pets



The stork is working as a zookeeper these days. New baby animals have arrived, with features to discover one by one. 

First, you can take off the fabric to admire the baby’s fur. The newborn darlings can be taking a nap as a bear, sheep, chick, cat or fox. A baby like this cannot be left alone yet. That is why the swaddle wrap has a hook, so it can be carried everywhere.

But not everything is as it seems. A very different baby animal is often hidden beneath the fur. Perhaps the tiger is napping in a cat’s fur, or the baby panda in a polar bear’s. It is even more exciting when they are placed in their bathtub with water. Then they change colour, so the fox becomes a raccoon and the white sheep is suddenly pink. 

When they hatch, their eyes are closed. To find out their colour, gently wipe the dolls’ eyelids using a damp cloth. Is it a boy or a girl, and what colour is its dummy?

Once you’ve discovered all the baby’s features, you can fill in the birth certificate.

Including overview of BABY born Surprise Pets and playtime fun.

  • BABY born Surprise
  • For playing and collecting.
  • With hook for carrying.
  • Changes colour on contact with water.
  • Varied (role) play with BABY born Surprise boosts the imagination and has been proven to support the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy.

BABY born Surprise Pets 1 including swaddle wrap with hook, dummy, birth certificate and overview of the Pets. 18 different designs.


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