TopBright Bella's Dream Doll House

TopBright Bella's Dream Doll House

The dollhouse toy consists of 3 levels, 4 rooms, a balcony, and a swimming pool. With 18 pieces of furniture and 2 dolls, The flush toilet and piano can make sounds, and the floor lamp and kitchen stove will light up. With vivid lights and sounds.

This pink dollhouse with doll and furniture has three levels and four rooms, and 18 simulated pieces of furniture and 2 dolls included. The components are well made and designed, which make play pretend more realistic.

The elevator can go up or down, after dinner, you can take the elevator to the living room on the second floor

The piano can play music once you pressed the piano keys. Just enjoy a beautiful piano piece!                                                                                                                          

When you've played on the sofa for a while, it's time to go to the bedroom. Go up the spiral staircase to the third floor.


بيت الدمية للبنات
بيت الدمية

GenderBoy / Girl
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