Step2 - Ball Buddies Truckin And Rollin Play Table

  • Includes 2 little ball-hauling dump trucks
  • Trucks can roll around the table track, up the hill and dump the balls to get the fun rollin'
  • Has a central ball track with ball dump buckets, clicking gates and hinging release switch
  • Table track has a hill, tunnels, multiple ways to get around, and an area for ball storage
  • Accessories include: 2 trucks, 10 balls and ball-picker tongs
  • Get the fun rollin around the track with hills and tunnels for the Ball Buddies dump trucks to explore.
  • Central ball track includes a release lever to hold play balls until theyre ready to drop down.
  • Use the ball-picker tongs to carefully set play balls on the Ball Buddies trucks, or onto the track and watch them roll!
  • Designed for little hands, the play balls, Ball Buddies trucks, hinged ball drop tower, and more features challenge fine motor skills and provide so many ways to play.
  • When playtime fun is done, use the central ball track as built-in storage for the play balls.
  • In the box: Activity table base, 2 Ball Buddies trucks, ball-picker tongs, 10 play balls.
Ball Buddies Truckin' & Rollin' Play Table Up and down, and around the bend! Send the Ball Buddies on their next adventure on this indoor kids' activity table full of challenges like curves, tunnels, and hills. Stop the Ball Buddies dump trucks at the top of the activity table's hill to pick up cargo, then send them on a ride around the track! Take a shortcut through the tunnels and sit under the track to use the release levers to let a play ball drop. Features like the clicking gates, ball-picker tongs, and hinged ball drop tower challenge fine motor skills as little ones play. The open design of the ball play table allows for engaging social play and practice in sharing as multiple kids can go truckin' and rollin' together. Made in the USA of US and imported parts.

Note: Please note that due to safety issues, will not be able to assemble any Step2 products. However, all items come with an easy-to-understand assembly guide.

Product Dimensions: 68.58 x 90.17 x 57.78 cm
Package Dimensions: 93.5 x 56 x 23 cm
Weight: 6.7KG
Shipping Weight: 6.7KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years & above
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Step2
Colour Blue
Age 2+
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