Reer Twin fix gateT-Gate, Active-Lock, metal


The Reer T-Gate Twin Fix Gate, Active Lock, Metal (46120) is a wall-mounted gate that can also be used as a pressure-mounted fence. This gate can cover a gap between 77 to 104 cm without any additionals. Made from high-quality solid wood and plastics that are tested to be saliva resistant and safe for babies.

This gate uses a unique weight-triggered pressure mounting mechanism with a 3 action active lock. When in the wall-mounted configuration, the door is secured via pressure to one side of the doorway when the locks are engaged. When in the pressure-mounted fence mode, this gate can be easily placed in the desired area and secured with a turn of the active lock. It is as easily disengaged and removed, making it the ideal solution if you need to have a barrier up in place fast.

reer Twin fix gate-Gate, Active-Lock, metal.
  • width continuously adjustable: suitable for 
  •   gateway widths from 73 - 106 cm
  • - 2 possibilities of installation:
  • - without drilling and screwing as
  •   pressure-mounted gate or
  •   wall-mounted gate
  • - barrier-free, suitable for
  •   the upper safeguarding of stairs
  • - the variable 4-point adjustment allows
  •   for individual adjustment of the gate width
  •   at all four points to different widths
  •   in the upper and the lower area, 
  •   e.g. crooked walls or stair rails
  • - complete gateway width
  • - can be opened in both directions
  • - to limit the opening direction, a stopper
  •   is included in the scope of delivery
  • - Active-Lock:
  •   Threefold ClosureSystem.
  •   Press both buttons and lift the handle
  •   especially safe, yet simple to use with
  •   only one hand
  • - the gate must be opened and closed
  •   manually
  • - height: 73 cm
  • - material: metal - steel; plastic 
  • - colour: metal - white; plastic - light grey
  • - suitable for children up to 24 months
  • - the child safety gate is suitable for 
  •   household use only
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand REER
Colour White
Age 1+
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