Play house Water Wall



It’s no secret that when it comes to outdoor play, kids need no help in creating their own imaginary worlds. Water Wall is a must have for households with imaginative toddlers. Teaching kids about gravity, angles and water flow, this wall is packed with limitless combinations for them to enjoy a different creation every time they move the pieces. With a range of modular accessories included, kids can have fun creating their own water flows and seeing their problem-solving skills come to life as they pour water from the top.


Simple assembly.
eather-proof: Well-crafted & built to last!.
Designed to be kept outdoors all year round.
Sustainable: The wall is made from quality sustainably sourced wood.
Expandable: Accessories packs available to expand your water run!.
Plug & play: Interchangeable modular pieces - which allows for thousands of combinations.
Includes modular accessories which are fitted to the wall to create a water run from top to bottom

Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Play house
Age 7+
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