Nici Harmony Dangling, 20Cm

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The name Ayumi originates from Japanese and means “she dows it her way”. Ayumi’s can look into your soul with their glittering eyes. They listen to you and are always by your side. Every Ayumi is unique and has a special talent just like you. Available sizes: 10cm, 20cm, 30cm and 38cm. Dream yourself away with Harmony. The grey plush doll has wonderfully soft plush-fur.

The strand of hair with the dark tips that hangs before her eyes and her cute snub nose is held back by a pink bow with white dots. You can see from far that talent is special. The long tail was inspired by the Japanese Kitsune, who are seen as good luck charm. Harmony is gentle and caring. She has the ability to make her owner forget about everyday life, to make her get in touch with her inner self, and to enjoy the little things in life

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