Lottie Branksea Sports Club Multipack 3 Outfits

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Being active is an important part of staying healthy, and playing a sport is a fun way to get your body moving. That’s why Lottie

and her pals formed the Branksea Sports Club – because exercise is always more fun with friends! With a sporty peach dress and

matching sneakers, Lottie will be ready to challenge her next opponent on the tennis court. In a friendly soccer match, she’ll

score the winning goal in her complete Branksea United uniform. Lottie’s cartwheels will earn a gold medal from the gymnastics

judges in a long-sleeved leotard and pink warmup pants. After a fun-filled day of friendly competition, she can relax and take a

well-deserved break. Lottie and her friends will be dressed and ready for anything – Game, set, match


List of Components:

  • Branksea United: Blue and White jersey shorts and tights, Red Football and Black Football Shoes.
  • Tennis Club: Peach Dress (Underwear included), White Socks, Peach sneakers, white headbands and wristbands, Blue

Tennis racket and green ball.

  • Raising the Bar: Lilac and Green Leotard, Pink Trousers with Pad print on it, Gold Medal and Number Tag
GenderBoy / Girl
Age3 +
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