Lorelli Classic Baby Bottle Warmer LORELLI / Grey



Lorelli warmer is suitable for baby milk or baby food.

Product Features:

  • heater for baby milk or baby food
  • 3 degrees of warming - 40, 70, 100°C
  • from 40°C for heating of liquid food /milk/ and keep it warm
  • from 70°C for heating of solid food /pasta, soup, purees, etc./
  • from 100°C for sterilization
  • has a food container and cover
  • container with diameter of 6,5 / 8,5 cm and a height of 6 cm
  • compatible with bottles and jars with a diameter less than 70 mm
  • has a LED for indication of the operating mode
  • the warming time of the milk depends on its quantity, as well on its original temperature /room temperature or refrigerator temperature/
  • Voltage 220-240V~ / 50 Hz
  • Power 130 W
  • cable length 1 m
  • Bottle warmer dimensions: diameter 12 cm, height 13 cm
Product Dimensions:
Package Dimensions:15х14х14cm
Product Weight:
Shipping Weight:
Recommended Age:
Suitable for 0+
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Lorelli Classic
Colour Gray
Age All Age
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