Little Story Block (Leg Godt) Toy Dinosaurs World - Tyrannosaurus Rex (350 Pcs)


Dinosaurs are unusual, large, and powerful Children like dinosaurs because such creatures are unusual, large, and powerful. Children are small and lack power in our society, so they get attracted to dinosaurs, which are the opposite. Little Story T-Rex Block (Leg Godt) Toy by Sam Box is an Educational & Fun Toy and one of the most versatile additions to your child's toy collection.  The importance of learning in our children’s lives cannot be underestimated, even when they’re just playing. Therefore, Block is such a cool toy for all kids. They promote the art of building things by allowing the child to connect various individual pieces or blocks to make it. Playing with Block and other construction toys builds multiple physical skills. Manipulating the pieces helps to develop hand-eye coordination, training the eyes and hands to work together, as well as bilateral integration – where the two sides of the body (or two hands) learn to work together. children learn strategizing skills and pre-planning learn cause and effect when building. Best for your li ’l one as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, party gifts, Children's Day gifts, and New Year gifts.



  • Product Dimensions(cm) : 1.2*1.5*8.2
  • Product Weight(kg) : 0.38
  • Packing Dimensions(cm) : 38*6*26
  • Packing Weight(kg) : 0.48
  • Suitable Age(Years) : 3+



  • 1* Little Story Block (Leg Godt) - Tyrannosaurus Rex (350 Pcs)
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Little Story
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