Inpro Solar Micro Stirling Motor 24k Gold


Inpro Solar Micro Stirling Engine 24K Gold Plated Wood Base Stirling engine type, design Inpro Solar Stirling gold assembled.

The piston and the discharge piston bearing are made of a special, self-lubricating material. This means no maintenance and long life. The fuel is denatured alcohol, long service life. Made of gold-plated brass. Total length 155mm, width 60mm, height 105mm. Robert Stirling was the Scottish inventor of the first closed-loop hot air engine, inventing it in 1816. Stirling's Beta engine has only one cylinder, which is warm at one end and cold at the other. The supercharger, which is not located tightly in the cylinder, moves the working gas between the hot and cold ends of the cylinder. The working piston at the end of the cylinder drives the crank mechanism. The Stirling engine has a high efficiency compared to a steam engine of up to 40%.
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BrandInpro Solar
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