Ifam Natural Baby Room (Black/white)

DBT-IF-105-3- BW
Key Features: • Customizable playroom with accessories and panels to fit any play mat and anywhere in the room. • Each playroom connection point comes with a stopper cap to prevent foreign objects from entering. • Enhanced safety with playroom assembly protrusion lock to prevent easy dismantling by kids. • Door panels come with a lock to prevent the opening of the door from inside. • Natural color combination to fit any house interior for a calm and happy little one. • Easy to assemble in 5 minutes – no tools required. • No sharp edges making it safe for young children. • All panels come with 2 anti-slip pads to prevent playroom from moving on most surfaces (floor, mats, etc.). • No small loose parts & protruding accessories that will hurt your child when they trip & fall. Specifications: Product Dimension: 220*148 CM Panel size / pc: 76 CM x 60CM Packaging Dimension: 79 x 40 x 65 Packaging Weight: 15.47 KG Product weight: 12.82 KG
Brand I-Fam
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