Ideal 2445-Cc Cross Cut Shredder (4 X 40mm) Part Number: 24459111



These Ideal 2445 CC P-4 Small Office Shredders are perfect for use by small office groups, for shredding paper (including staples) as well as credit cards.

Superb shredding capacity of up to 15 x 70g sheets per pass and a shred size of 4x40mm P-4 cross cut pieces.

The 2445 CC P-4 features a photo cell controlled automatic start and stop function, swivel castors for increased mobility as well as a fully enclosed, dust-proof gear box housing with durable gears. A high-quality plastic cabinet stores the waste shreds. The front door of the cabinet is secured by a magnetic proximity switch. Also features Smart Shred Control where a smiley face indicates if the sheet capacity of the shredder has reached it''s limit thus preventing paper jams.

"SPS"– Safety Protection System package: electronically controlled, transparent safety flap in the feed opening as additional safety element; "EASY_SWITCH II" – intelligent control element indicating the operational status of the shredder with varying colour codes and back-lit symbols; automatic reverse and power cut-off in case of a paper jam; sensory fill level control with automatic stop if the shred bag is full; electronic door protection via a magnetic switch; double motor protection against overheating.

For its highly efficient use of energy this shredder was awarded with the “Blue Angel”. It is the energy saving function, “Zero Energy Consumption”, of these shredders that ensures automatic and complete power cut-off after 30 minutes in stand-by mode and thus zero energy consumption after 30 minutes in stand-by-mode.

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