Gambol - Ride-On 12V Hummer Style SUV - Red

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  • 4 Motor, 12V-7 Battery, EVA Wheels, Leather Seat Age - 2 - 6 yrs.
  • Max Loading: 50KG
  • Wheels: 4 Wheels
  • 2 wide seats with safety belts so two kids can ride at once
  • Four 14.5" traction wheels with spring suspension
  • 12V twin motor that provides powerful rear-wheel drive
  • Working lights, mirrors, steering wheel with horn, a trunk storage area
  • Pre-installed music and multi-media center plus USB/TF input and aux cord plug-ins
  • Can be controlled with the steering wheel or with the 2.4GHz remote control
  • Charging time 5-8 hours Running Time : 40-50 minutes.
FEEL THE POWER: The Gambol truck for kids rides with the elevated suspension at speeds of 1.8 mph- 3 mph on a set of aggressive off-road-styled tires and custom wheels. Plus, a LED light bar, headlights, and taillights, illuminated dashboard gauges, wing mirrors, and a realistic steering wheel create an experience of driving a fully loaded SUV. 2-SEAT SUV: The kids car has two seats with seat belts provide space so your kids can bring a friend! Cruise around the neighbourhood in style, chilling with your best pal. 2 WAYS TO DRIVE: A child can drive the kids toy car, commanding the steering and pedals just like a real car! But, you can also take control of the toy with the remote control to securely guide it while the young one enjoys a hands-free experience; the remote is equipped with forwarding/reverse/park controls, steering operations, and 3-speed selection. In the The market for kids toys, this car for kids is the best toy car that falls under the kids cars and ride on toys category. This car can be used under outdoor toys and is the best battery jeep Ride on & kids electric car. ENJOY MUSIC WHILE DRIVING: There is nothing like cruising in your kids truck around listening to your favourite tunes. Well, now your kids can enjoy the pre-installed music, or jam to their own music through USB, SD card, or AUX cord plug-ins. TOUGH STYLE & QUALITY MATERIALS: Wear-resistant polypropylene tires will not leak or burst, eliminating the hassle of inflating. Metal spring struts create a cool looking rear suspension that acts as tough as it looks.
Product Dimensions: 135 x 86 x 85 cm
Package Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 75 cm
Weight: 27KG
Shipping Weight: 29KG
  • Do not overcharge battery beyond 5-7hours max
  • -As soon as speed goes low, put it on the charger before totally draining off the battery. If not so, the battery will go completely dead and Gambol wont b held responsible.
  • -Make sure not to keep the product unused / uncharged for more than 5-6 days.
  • -Avoid water near the battery and engine, just clean with a damp cloth.
  • - Make sure not to make a person over the given weight capacity sit on the item else it is bound to stop working. Avoid sharp or pointed and rocky roads - Avoid sun Heat Water. - Kindly Take Installation option in case you need technical assistance as its important to have technical knowhow to assemble the product.

Recommended Age: Suitable for 2-6 years.

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