Gambol - kids inflatable playground for fearless play



in this present situation, parents are much busy so that they can’t get enough time for their kids. As a result, kids grow alone. If you set up an inflatable playground on your house premises then your kids can spend some glorious time with it. So, you may ask what is inflatable playground? Well, it’s a system where you will get some objects for kid’s game purpose. Specially designed for the kids so that they can play with no fear. So order hurry for the best quality product at your budget.

  • Bouncy castles are an active means for children to have fun. Give them the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the fresh air outside. Playing in an inflatable house will get them to move about instead of just slumping inside the house, in a sedentary manner.
  • They are also a great avenue for children to interact and build friendships, which is beneficial to the development of their character and personality as they grow older. Through interaction with other kids, your child learns how to deal with people of different personalities in an active environment.
  • Maximun weight capacity : 320 kgs
  • Can accommodate 6 to 8 kids
  • Suitable for dry usage

This inflatable bouncing castle is very suitable for children to relax and entertain. It has a safety barrier on each edge to prevent children from falling. This is a great place for children to play and relax.

Product Dimension: 7.0 X 5.0 X 3.4 M 
Material:Commercial grade 0.45mm pvc Thickness:840D
Volume: 210 X 55 CM
Accessories: Repair kit+One Air blowers 950W
نطاط القلعة
Group Ages: 3 and Above (Below ages require guidance from Adults)

GenderBoy / Girl
ColourMulti Colour
Age3 +
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