Clemontoni Montessori Na Farmie



  •  A large playset to learn new words and compose the first simple sentences.
  •  The box contains a rich kit with shaped cardboard elements for building a coloured playset for the farm.
  •  The kit includes lots of characters and objects: the farmer, animals, trees and tools, all equipped with a handy support to keep them upright.
  •  There are also three-dimensional elements such as the shed, the hen house and the tractor, which the child can use to create the setting in which the objects and characters will be moving.
  •  As he engages in arranging the various elements in the farm, the child can match the name tags with each subject or element, learning names in the process.
  •  In the advanced play mode, the child can try matching the tags with the articles and the adjectives as well to form the first simple phrases.


Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Clementoni
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