Chicco - Manual Breast Pump 0m+



  • It has a suction rate control system which makes the pump work faster or slower as desired.
  • this guarantees gentle and delicate extraction without painful tugging on the nipples.
  • Manual check of the aspiration frequency.
  • You can feed the baby by fitting the ring and the Well-Being teat (included in the package) to the bottle.


Chicco classic breast pump comes as a great solution for all lactating mothers who suffer from tremendous pain while breastfeeding their babies. It is known to all that mother’s milk has the optimum level of nutrition that a baby requires soon after birth. Pediatrics are of the opinion that if a baby isn’t breastfed properly, their immunity to fight against diseases isn’t quite good. So in order to provide your baby with the requisite nutrition, buy this breast pump. This Chicco classic breast pump is made from high-quality plastic and rubber which is completely safe for you and your little one. This white-colored breast pump helps in the easy extraction of milk without causing the mother any pain. It comes with a suction rate control system. This advanced system can help regulate the speed of the pump depending on your requirement. The Chicco pumps for lactating mothers can also be used to feed the baby directly from the feeding bottle. This product comes with a comfortable breast shield that helps to extract the milk properly. All the devices that this breast pump kit provides are made of excellent quality material. The breast shield and the feeding bottle can be easily sterilized and cleaned with the help of hot water and a brush. This breast pump kit for nursing moms is an essential device because due to hormonal imbalances some women face problems during lactation. The safety and quality are guaranteed by Chicco, which is one of the reputed baby product manufacturers in the world.

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