Baby Stroller Fiona Wooden Design



The Fiona stroller is a trolley-type stroller with an innovative folding system, which includes an additional handle and carrying bag. It is ideal for family trips. It is a portable and easy to handle trolley. The stroller folds in a single motion, activating the button on the handle.

Product Details

- lightweight aluminum frame, painted in matte color, resistant to scratches.
- trolley with book type folding; easy folding with one hand, activating the button on the handle;
- additional, telescopic handle, which can be used together with the transport bag, thus transforming the trolley into a perfect trolley for travel;
- the push handle dressed in neoprene, which creates an increased comfort for the parents;
- backrest adjustable in multiple positions, up to horizontal;
- adjustable canopy provided with elongation zipper and sun protection;
- footrest adjustable in 2 positions;
- the front wheels are pivoting;
- fixed rear wheels with suspensions, and provided with double braking system;
- the front bumper is detachable;
- generous luggage basket;
- 5-point seat belts;
- the soft cushions attached to the seat belts protect the baby from too much pressure, and are ideal against irritations that can occur especially in summer due to heat;
Gender Boy / Girl
Brand Lorelli Classic
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