Vtech - Pet Squeaks Tm Sunny The Hamster Purple Version


They’re small, they’re cheeky and they’re adorable! Introducing the PetSqueaks by VTech! This cute little pocket-sized robotic pet plays fun and interactive responses when you trigger 1 of the 3 sensors. Play with and nurture your very own little companion and take them with you wherever you go! Watch your PetSqueaks move and scurry around on flat surfaces like a real pet! Each PetSqueaks comes with 3 accessories; headwear, jacket and a food item. Put the food item in your PetSqueaks’s hands to see their cheeks light up in delight as they eat! The PetSqueaks by VTech, your new cheeky companion!


  • Adorable pocket sized robotic pet which you can take wherever you go!
  • 3 different sensors trigger fun responses which encourage nurturing and more!
  • Your PetSqueaks really moves! Watch as they scurry along!
  • Includes 3 accessories; headwear, jacket and a food item.
  • Watch as your PetSqueak's cheeks light up as they giggle!
GenderBoy / Girl
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