Hauck - 2 Way Carrier Melange Charcoal - Gray

    • Ergonomically developed lightweight safe baby carrier
    • Suitable from 6m+ to 12kg
    • Front carrier with 2 carrying options
    • Reinforced head and back area
    • Various adjustment options for the perfect fit
    • Wipeable

The 2 Way Carrier promises some wonderful, snuggly moments with your baby. It is asafe and comfortable baby carrier for ergonomically correct carrying. With the 2 WayCarrier, carrying is made easy with two variations, at home or away. Countlessadjustment options and the reinforced head and back part aid correct posture and makecarrying your child very comfortable.
Close to you. Your child will feel happy and secure in this cozy baby carrier. He or shecan feel you at all times and go with you anywhere. With the 2 Way Carrier, you can carryyour little one close to your body, in two different variations. Start with him or her facingyou. Later, your little one can look forward and curiously explore his or her environment.
For parents on the move. Carry your child ergonomically correctly, comfortably and safelyin the 2 Way Carrier. The 2 Way Carrier also takes the strain out of everyday life withyour little one. It makes climbing the stairs, riding the bus or taking care of householdchores much easier. The 2 Way Carrier is particularly light and foldable, so you can takeit with you anywhere.
Grow-with-me. The 2 Way Carrier guarantees your little one a feeling of security andgrows with him or her. The 2 Way Carrier is fully padded so that your child can sitcomfortably and you can carry him or her in comfort, without hurting your back. Thecarrier also has luxurious quilting that protects your child's sensitive head, neck and back.The side padding in the head area supports baby's head. Buckles for adjusting the width.The padded hip area can also be individually adjusted with hook-and-loop fastenings,enabling you to adapt the baby carrier to your child's size at all times. At the same time,you can ensure that your child's posture is age-appropriate and correct. The area aroundthe leg openings has extra padding to take the strain off the legs. The 2-Way-Carrier isalways popular, in summer and winter, thanks to heat-regulating cotton inside the frontcarrier.
When your child is older and wants to explore their surroundings, carry him or her facingforwards in the 2 Way Carrier. Fold down the headrest to give your child's little headadditional support.
Everything stays in place. The shoulder straps of the 2 Way Carrier run behind thewearer's back in a cross, to better distribute the child's weight. The length of the shoulderstraps can be adjusted by sliding the safety buckle. Buckles also individually adjust thelength of the straps to the height of the wearer.
Please note: this baby carrier can be used for children who can already hold up theirhead independently.

Product Dimensions: 15 x 25 x 31 cm
Package Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 9.5 cm
Weight: 0.4KG
Shipping Weight: 1.33KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 6m+ to 12kg

GenderBoy / Girl
Age6 months
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